800+ Shayari WhatsApp Group Links to Join

Hello friends! Are you a passionate Shayari enthusiast in search of a WhatsApp Shayari group? If your answer is yes, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Here, you’ll discover numerous well-regarded WhatsApp groups dedicated to Shayari. Within these groups, you can not only share your own poetic creations but also stay updated with the latest poetry trends.

India’s rich cultural heritage has a profound affinity for poetry and literature. The nation boasts a diverse array of literary traditions that have thrived for centuries. Among these traditions, Shayari stands out, and in the modern era of WhatsApp and other social media platforms, it has found new life.

Shayari WhatsApp Group

Traditionally, Shayari was an oral art form, but thanks to technological advances, it has evolved and adapted to contemporary communication methods. Nowadays, it’s commonly exchanged within WhatsApp groups and other social media channels. If you’re eager to become part of these Shayari WhatsApp groups, carefully follow the instructions below.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this page provides access to various WhatsApp groups, but we do not administer or own any of these groups. We do not compel anyone to join these groups, and participation is entirely at your own discretion. Should you encounter any losses or damages as a result of your involvement in these groups, our website cannot be held responsible.

Shayari WhatsApp Group Rules

Certainly, here’s a rephrased version of the rules for the Shayari group:

  • Show respect to all members within the group.
  • Safeguard everyone’s privacy and personal space.
  • Avoid spamming, trolling, or engaging in heated arguments with fellow members.
  • Refrain from sharing any spammy or suspicious links.
  • Do not disclose personal information.
  • Foster a spirit of helpfulness and kindness.
  • Ensure that discussions remain centered around poetry and literature, avoiding unrelated subjects.

Shayari WhatsApp Group Links

Shayari WhatsApp
Group Name Join Link
Only Shayari Click Here
Shayari Zone Click Here
Shayari Group Click Here
Masti Shayari Click Here
Be Positive Click Here
Everything Available Click Here
Good Moring Shayari Click Here
Shayrana Andaaz Click Here
WA Shayari Status Click Here
Sweet Friends Click Here

Hindi Shayari WhatsApp Group Join Links

Group Name Join Link
Galib K Duniya Click Here
Yaaro Ki Basti Click Here
HPD Shayari Click Here
Punjabi Songs Click Here
ABC Group Click Here
Hum Sab Ek Hai Click Here
Shayari King Click Here
Hindu Shayari Click Here
Shayari  Group Click Here
Jokes Shayari Click Here

Love Shayari WhatsApp Groups Link

Group Name Join Link
Dil Ki Baat Click Here
Kalam E Shayari Click Here
Love Shayri Click Here
GroupName Click Here
Shayari Lite Click Here
Shayari Mehfil Click Here
Shayari ki Diary Click Here
Videos Click Here
New Shayari Click Here
Rajputna Group Click Here

Best Urdu Shayari WhatsApp Group Link 2023

Group Links
Sad poetry  ➢ Link
Urdu Poetry ➢ Link
Romantic poetry ➢ Link
Deep Thoughts ➢ Link
\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ ➢ Link
Øñłÿ_$tätúš_$hærÿ ➢ Link
POETRY (شاعری) ➢ Link
béàútífúl PóétRy GRóúp ➢ Link
poetry status شاعری) ➢ Link
Dar ek sachai شاعری) ➢ Link
محفل شاعری ➢ Link
محبت کی باتیں شاعری) ➢ Link
Best Poetry ➢ Link
Poetry Sharing شاعری) ➢ Link
  ➢ Link

Latest Urdu Shayari WhatsApp Group Link

urdu Shayari WhatsApp Group Link
urdu Shayari WhatsApp Group Link
Potery Join Now
❤️Sad poetry Join Now
Urdu Poetry – اردو شاعری Join Now
Romantic poetry Join Now
محفلِ عشق.. Join Now
دَرۡوِیۡــــش ؏ِـشۡـــق Join Now
ροιτπγ Ιονεπ’ξ Join Now
Ertugrul Ghazi Fans Club Join Now
Chu chi cha only video Join Now
Deep Thoughts Join Now
اردو شاعری Join Now
عاشقوں کی محفل Join Now
True LovE NEVER☝DIE Join Now
YouTube subscribers Join Now
Muhammad Ali Join Now
Only videos Join Now
‍♂️محبت تم سےɴᴀꜰʀᴀᴛہے Join Now
\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ Join Now
Ea Join Now
Book publication Group Join Now
Sahil Entertainment Join Now
Øñłÿ_$tätúš_ Join Now
POETRY (شاعری ) Join Now
  Join Now
Rb earning group join us Join Now
Best poetry Join Now
béàútífúl PóétRy GRóúp Join Now
  Join Now
Rb earning group Join Now
Love poetryM A k Join Now
صرف اردو تحریر1⃣ Join Now
اداس عشـــــــــــق Join Now
Group Band Ho Gia Join Now
سنـــہـری بـاتیـــــں3⃣ Join Now
بزمِ سخن Join Now
New haji M.ismail farm Join Now
Pak news drama group Join Now
Dar ek sachai Join Now
محفل شاعری Join Now
❤️محبت کی باتیں Join Now
پاکستان زندہ باد ♥️ Join Now
Poetry ❤ & Fun group Join Now
°درس اصلاح 2 ° Join Now
༺༗ ℎ ༗༻ Join Now
Namaz neend se behtar he Join Now
ای فرقہ اداس لوگوں کا Join Now
Sad poetry Join Now
Heart Touching Poetry Join Now
اردو شاعری Join Now
0NliP0Etry❤️l0VErs Join Now
Geo Ã. QúRBaÑ Join Now
PøÊtrY LôvëR Join Now
We R Lovely Friend Join Now
❣ایک فرکا شاعری شوقین کا❣ Join Now
Shaheenzz….✈️ Join Now
LOVE is Life Join Now
Our Thoughts Join Now
وفا ❣کر چلے Join Now
Urdu Poetry Join Now
Is this very GooD Join Now
Don’t mind Join Now
❤مولوی صاحب شراب خانہ میں Join Now
❤️PoetryLovers Join Now
♥ اہلِ ذوق ♥ Join Now
Hafiz group Join Now
کراچی الرٹ نیوز Join Now
میں ، تم اور چائے Join Now
مرشد یاسر گیلانی Join Now
وجزاهم بماصبرواجنةوحريرا Join Now
Masti Grup Join Now
عِلمِ دِین Join Now
اسلامک نالج Join Now
2️⃣درسِ قرآن ومصطفائی بیان Join Now
وطن یا کفن Join Now
Shayri ka king Join Now
Shayri group Join Now
Crown NNU world Join Now
داستان عشق Join Now
محفــــل اردو شـــــاعـری Join Now
did_you_know_facts___ Join Now
❤️ Only video status Join Now
❤❤خدا اور محبت❤❤ Join Now
PoetryHeartonly love Join Now
Civil Engg. Freelancers2️⃣3️⃣ Join Now
Poetry Lovers 2 Join Now
Shyri group Join Now
FUN hi fun Join Now
محفلِ عشق.. Join Now
پیار بھری شاعری❤ Join Now
Jegri dost Join Now
*❣دبـــــــستان ادب * Join Now
ISLAM is True Religion Join Now
Sad poetry only Join Now

Sad Shayari WhatsApp Group Links

Group Name Join Link
Sad Click Here
Sad Shayari Click Here
Poetry Written Click Here
Sumo Video Status Click Here
Dard E Shayari Click Here
Heart Break Click Here
Mehfil E Gum Click Here
Dilip Shayari Click Here
Mazre Ishq Click Here
Chail Ik Pal Click Here

Gujarati Shayari WhatsApp Group Links

Group Name Join Link
Gujrati Shayari Click Here
Shayari Lovers Click Here
Best Shayari Click Here
Gujju Sharay Click Here
Poetry Gujrati Click Here
Only Poetry Click Here
Best Poetry Click Here
Essense of Love Click Here
Gujrati Shayari Group Click Here

2 Line Urdu Shayari WhatsApp Group Link

Dear Diary:


WhatsApp poetry:

*Blue Whale:

Poetry group only:

*Urdu Poetry:

Urdu sad poetry and sweet:

*Just For Fun poetry:

How to Join Shayari WhatsApp Group?

  • Choose the WhatsApp group you’re interested in.
  • Click on the “Click Here” button associated with that group.
  • This will redirect you to the WhatsApp group join section.
  • In the join section, click on the “JOIN GROUP” button.
  • Congratulations, you have now successfully joined the group.

Benefits to Join Shayari WhatsApp Group

If you have a passion for poetry, joining a Shayari group on WhatsApp can offer you several advantages:

  • Diverse Shayari: Access a wide variety of Shayari, allowing you to explore different themes, styles, and emotions.
  • Feedback and Recognition: Share your own Shayari and receive valuable feedback and recognition from fellow group members, helping you improve your poetic skills.
  • Connect with Poets: Connect with like-minded poets, share your creative process, and engage in discussions about the art of Shayari.
  • Friendship: Forge meaningful friendships with individuals who share your love for Shayari and poetry, creating a supportive and inspiring community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is a Shayari WhatsApp Group?

A Shayari WhatsApp group is a community or gathering of individuals on the WhatsApp messaging platform who share a common interest in poetry, specifically Shayari. Members of these groups can exchange their own Shayari, discuss poetic themes, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

2: How Can I Join a Shayari WhatsApp Group?

To join a Shayari WhatsApp group, you typically need an invitation link. These links are shared on various websites and forums dedicated to Shayari. Once you find a group that interests you, click on the invitation link, and you’ll be redirected to the group where you can click “JOIN GROUP” to become a member.

3: Are Shayari WhatsApp Groups Open to Everyone?

Yes, many Shayari WhatsApp groups are open to anyone interested in poetry and Shayari. However, it’s essential to adhere to the group’s rules and guidelines to maintain a positive and respectful environment for all members.

4: What Can I Expect in a Shayari WhatsApp Group?

In a Shayari WhatsApp group, you can expect to find a vibrant community of poetry lovers. Members often share their original Shayari, engage in discussions about poetry, and sometimes organize poetry-related events or challenges.

5: Are There Any Rules in Shayari WhatsApp Groups?

Yes, most Shayari WhatsApp groups have rules to ensure a harmonious atmosphere. Common rules include respecting fellow members, refraining from spamming or sharing unrelated content, and protecting members’ privacy.

6: Can I Share My Own Shayari in These Groups?

Absolutely! Sharing your original Shayari is encouraged in these groups. It’s an excellent way to receive feedback, connect with fellow poets, and showcase your creative talent.

7: Is It Necessary to Be an Experienced Poet to Join?

No, you don’t need to be an experienced poet to join these groups. Shayari WhatsApp groups welcome poets of all levels, from beginners to seasoned writers. It’s a supportive space for growth and learning.

8: Can I Make New Friends in Shayari WhatsApp Groups?

Yes, many members of Shayari WhatsApp groups form meaningful friendships with like-minded individuals who share their passion for poetry. It’s an excellent way to connect with people who have similar interests.

9: Are There Different Types of Shayari in These Groups?

Yes, you can expect to find a wide range of Shayari in these groups. Members often share Shayari in various languages, styles, and themes, such as love Shayari, sad Shayari, romantic Shayari, and more.

10: How Can I Ensure a Positive Experience in Shayari WhatsApp Groups?

To have a positive experience in Shayari WhatsApp groups, it’s essential to respect group rules, be polite and supportive to fellow members, and contribute positively to discussions. By doing so, you’ll create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.


Shayari WhatsApp groups Links offer a vibrant and supportive community for poetry enthusiasts of all levels. These groups provide an excellent platform for sharing, discussing, and appreciating the art of Shayari. While they may not require you to be an experienced poet, they do come with certain rules and guidelines aimed at maintaining a positive and respectful environment for all members.

By joining a Shayari WhatsApp group, you can expect to explore a diverse range of Shayari styles and themes, connect with fellow poets, and even make new friends who share your passion for poetry. Whether you’re a seasoned poet looking to showcase your work or a beginner seeking inspiration and feedback, these groups can be a valuable resource on your poetic journey.

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