20000+ Whatsapp Group – Updated WhatsApp Groups Link

WhatsApp groups are a popular feature of the messaging app, allowing users to create virtual spaces where they can connect, share information, and communicate with multiple people simultaneously. These groups can be created for various purposes, including socializing, coordinating events, collaborating on projects, or discussing specific topics of interest.

Creating a WhatsApp group is a straightforward process. A user can initiate a group and add participants by inviting them through their phone contacts. Groups can accommodate a varying number of members, making them versatile for both small gatherings and larger communities. Group administrators have the authority to manage members, control group settings, and moderate content.

The real-time nature of WhatsApp groups facilitates instant communication, making it an efficient tool for coordinating activities or disseminating information to a group of people. Participants can share text messages, multimedia files, documents, and even make voice or video calls directly within the group.

WhatsApp groups are prevalent in various settings, including workplaces, educational institutions, family circles, and among friends. They serve as a convenient platform for sharing updates, exchanging ideas, and fostering a sense of community. However, managing large groups can pose challenges, such as information overload and potential for misuse, requiring administrators to establish and enforce group guidelines.

What are the WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp groups are virtual spaces within the popular messaging app where users can connect, communicate, and share information with multiple people simultaneously. These groups serve diverse purposes, ranging from social gatherings and event coordination to professional collaboration and topic-specific discussions.

With the ability to accommodate varying numbers of members, WhatsApp groups offer a real-time communication platform for sharing text, multimedia, documents, and conducting voice or video calls. Whether used in workplaces, educational institutions, or social circles, these groups facilitate instant and efficient communication, enhancing connectivity and collaboration in the digital era.

Entertainment WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Biker groupLink
Movies MastiLink
Green LightLink
Free fire max tournamentLink
Funny Videos 2k22Link
Fun & EntertainmentLink
All anime loversLink
Silent LoverLink
Tamil EntertainmentLink
Fun and entertainmentLink
Tamil MoviesLink
Funny Videos & JokesLink
Entertain With FunLink
Bollywood MoviesLink

IPL WhatsApp Group Update 2024

Group NamesLinks
IPL info updatesLink
IPL cricket 2023 India squad updatesLink
IPL 2023 points table updatesLink
IPL 2023 qualifiers point table detailed infoLink
IPL Updates for CSKLink
IPL MI 2023 schedule updatesLink
IPL 2023 all team’s tickets price updatesLink
IPL 2023 tickets infoLink
IPL all updates for Indian FansLink
IPL 2023 weather updatesLink
Crazy IPL 2023 venue updatesLink
IPL Batting 2023Link
IPL cricket 2023 stadiums infoLink
IPL Cricket World InfoLink
IPL T20 boll-to-boll updatesLink
IPL T20 CUP 2023Link

Friendship WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Friendship GroupLink
Make New FriendsLink
Friendship goalsLink
Friends IndiaLink
Friendship Goal’sLink
Friends of AmericaLink
Friend MastLink
Friends ClubLink
The Friend ZoneLink
Castle Of FriendshipLink
Girls Best FriendLink
Friends ForeverLink
Worldwide FriendsLink
Real FriendshipLink

USA Girls WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
USA Status worldLink
The online USALink
International ChatsLink
The USALink
World of FriendsLink
The USA onlyLink
USA Tech supportLink
WWE Roman EmpireLink
USA Funny videosLink
Amazing PeopleLink
Let’s ConnectLink
Fun GloballyLink
USA crypto investmentLink
USA girl numberLink

Indian Girls WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
United Kingdom GirlsLink
NRI GirlsLink
Marathi Girls GroupLink
Middle East GirlsLink
Tamil Girls GroupLink
England GirlsLink
Cute GirlsLink
Dating GirlsLink
Desi Indian GirlsLink
Girls for friendshipLink
only girlsLink
Japanese girlsLink
Visual GirlsLink
Orange collection girlsLink
Girls ChatroomLink
Only Chat to GirlsLink
Girls Fashion GroupLink
Stupid GirlsLink
Girls Dating GroupLink
Beautiful GirlsLink

Girls WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
United Kingdom GirlsLink
NRI GirlsLink
Marathi Girls GroupLink
Middle East GirlsLink
Tamil Girls GroupLink
England GirlsLink
Cute GirlsLink
Dating GirlsLink
Desi Indian GirlsLink
Girls for friendshipLink
only girlsLink
Japanese girlsLink
Visual GirlsLink
Orange collection girlsLink
Girls ChatroomLink
Only Chat to GirlsLink
Girls Fashion GroupLink
Stupid GirlsLink
Girls Dating GroupLink
Beautiful GirlsLink

Punjabi Girl WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Ludhiana GirlsLink
Punjabi VideosLink
Punjabi MoviesLink
Kant KurianLink
ਬਰੇਕਾ ਫੇਲ ਗਰੱੁਪLink
Jutt PutLink
Asada PunjabLink
Jutt and JattniLink
Punjabi MundyLink
Punjabi Filma ty GanyLink

Offers WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Paytm OffersLink
Amazon India OffersLink
Flipkart OffersLink
Lucky Deal OffersLink
CashKaro Best OffersLink
Work from Home offersLink
Offers and CouponsLink
FlipZon OffersLink
Diwali OffersLink

Music WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Music Is LifeLink
Best Every MusicLink
Songs HubLink
Music ProLink
8D Like MusicLink
Best Music CollectionLink
Haryana Music ClubLink
Music StudioLink
Music ZoneLink
Hip Hop MusicLink
80s CollectionLink
Hit MusicLink
Epic MusicLink
All Times FavLink
NFAK MusicLink
Music for StatuesLink

Kerala WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
God’s own City KeralaLink
Kerala GirlsLink
Kerala BlastersLink
Kerala YoutubersLink
Kerala MoviesLink
Kerala E-BuyLink
Kerala GamersLink
Kerala Football FCLink
Kerala Fight ClubLink
Kerala Fun ClubLink
Kerala Students GroupLink
Kerala RidersLink

Funny WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Funny JokesLink
USA Funny ClipsLink
Funny Jokes and VideosLink
Latest Funny VideosLink
Funny VideosLink
Funny ClipsLink
Masti TimeLink
Jokes, MemesLink
Funny HubLink
Funny LandLink
Funny PoetryLink

Sub4Sub YouTube WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
YouTube SupportersLink
Sub YouTubeLink
Free Sub4SubLink
YouTube Watch TimeLink
Free Sub4SubLink
Free Watch TimeLink
Grow YTLink
You Tube FamilyLink
You Tube WorldLink
Increase YouTube EarningLink
Indian You TubersLink
Kerala You TubersLink
YouTube UpdatesLink
YouTube Viral TipsLink
Make YT Channel PopularLink
You Tube TipsLink

Education WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Educational ServicesLink
Be BachelorLink
Study AddaLink
Education UpdatesLink
Current Affairs KnowledgeLink
BTech GuideLink
Daily Exam UpdatesLink
Education InfoLink
Educational LecturesLink
Academic Education VideosLink
Learn and Earn Through MarketingLink
Study HubLink
Tech StudyLink

IPL WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
IPL UpdatesLink
IPL StreamingLink
Only for IPL LoversLink
IPL TeamsLink
Every Update about IPLLink
IPL FansLink
IPL Team SelectionsLink
IPL NewsLink
IPL FansLink
IPL DreamersLink
IPL TeamsLink
IPL New SeasonLink
All about IPLLink
IPL fans clubLink
IPL PanditLink
Dhoni FansLink

Sports WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Sports UpdatesLink
Sports FeedsLink
Sports FansLink
Footballs FCLink
Cricket LoversLink
Only SportsLink
Cricket UpdatesLink
Football FundaLink
Sports NewsLink
All SportsLink
Sport TipsLink
All Sports Live StreamsLink
Live Match UpdatesLink
Live ScoresLink

Hacking WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Tech Hacker GurusLink
Pro HackersLink
Learn HackingLink
FB HacksLink
Fiverr HacksLink
Money HackersLink
System HackersLink

Malayalam WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Malayalam GirlsLink
Malayalam TopLink
Malayalam EntertainmentLink
Malayalam StatuesLink
Malayalam Chatting GroupLink
Malayalam Sub4SubLink
Malayalam GamersLink
Malayalam BoysLink
Malayalam TikTokersLink
Cute Malayalam GirlsLink

Study WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Learn MathLink
All Past PapersLink
UPSC GuideLink
IAS GuideLink
Study InfoLink
Study UpdatesLink
Paid CoursesLink
TVM StudyLink
Learn EnglishLink
Current AffairsLink
Study AboardLink
Discuss Group StudyLink
Smart StudyLink
Exams MaterialsLink

Tamil Item WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Tamil NewsLink
Tamil NaduLink
Tamil YouTubersLink
Tamil NewsLink
Online Shopping in Tamil NaduLink
Desi Tamil GirlsLink
Tamil NewsLink
Cute Tamil GirlsLink
Funny Tamil GroupLink
Tamil Chat GroupsLink
Tamil FriendsLink
Legend Tamil MoviesLink
Tamil ItemsLink
Tamil Big BossLink
Tamil PUBG LoversLink

Indian WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
All India NewsLink
Amazon Indian loot offersLink
Indian ComedyLink
Jai HindLink
Great IndiaLink
Best mera IndianLink
Indian NewsLink
Job Links of IndiaLink
Only Indian travelersLink
Only IndiansLink
Doraemon HindiLink
India DatingLink
International ChatsLink
Indian HinduLink
South IndiaLink

News WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
ND NewsLink
Education news dailyLink
BBC NewsLink
SPY NewsLink
Master NewsLink
Indian NewsLink
Time New GroupLink
AajTak NewsLink
Tamil NewsLink
Daily News UpdatesLink

Bollywood WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Bollywood UpdatesLink
Hindi MoviesLink
Bollywood HangmanLink
Bollywood MoviesLink
Download Full MoviesLink
Bollywood EntertainmentLink
Bollywood GossipsLink
Bollywood VIP UpdatesLink
Bollywood AffairsLink
Current Bollywood UpdatesLink
Shah Rukh KhanLink
Sunny LeoneLink
Film IndustryLink
Disha PatniLink
Kajal FansLink
Neha KakkarLink
G Drive MoviesLink
Shradha KapoorLink
Trisha FCLink
Priyanka ChopraLink
Film DownLink
Indian MoviesLink
Tiger FCLink
All MoviesLink
Gram MasalaLink

PUBG WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
PUBG Gaming zoneLink
PUBG AccountsLink
PUBG UC SellersLink
PUBG KingLink
PUBG AccountLink
PUBG Fan ClubLink
PUBG Accounts DealLink
PUBG vs Free FireLink
PUBG LiteLink
PUBG StoreLink
PUBG ProLink
PUBG Account storeLink
PUBG loverLink

Boys WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Only for boysLink
Love boysLink
Traveling BoysLink
Hello BoyLink
Free Fire BoysLink
England BoysLink
Boys in LoveLink
Free fire Kerala boys playersLink
Model PhotosLink

Buy and Sale WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Amazon Buy and SellLink
Mobile Buy and SalesLink
YT channels Buy and SaleLink
Buy and Sale anythingLink
Buy Sale CommunityLink
But and Sale CryptoLink
Online Shopping in IndiaLink
Elite TradersLink
Sale and Purchase AutosLink
Amazon DealsLink
Elite BuyersLink
Buy In IndiaLink
Shopping CardsLink
Buying GuidesLink

General Knowledge Whatsapp Group

Group NamesLinks
GK DiscussionLink
GK QuizLink
Knowledge AreaLink
Study materialLink
Daily GK QuizLink
GK UpdatesLink
GK with MonuLink
WiFi StudyLink
Self KnowledgeLink
Sarkari NotificationLink

Jobs WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Daily Job UpdatesLink
Jobs PlanLink
Tech JobsLink
Online Jobs PortalLink
All India job newsLink
Govt Jobs CoachingLink
Job SearchLink
Perfect JobLink
Jobs AvailableLink
Job Information UpdateLink
Latest JobsLink
New Job UpdatesLink
Abroad job opportunityLink
IT Jobs check DescriptionLink
Jobs Daily UpdateLink
Job OpeningLink
Interview SelectionLink
Urgent JobLink
Part-time jobLink

Technology WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Tech CommunityLink
Mobile Tech SupportLink
Tech HackersLink
Tech Tips and TricksLink
Share TipsLink
Technical ShortLink
A-L Technology streamLink
Java Tech GroupLink
Web NerdsLink
Technology FundaLink
Cyber SecurityLink
Heavy TechnologyLink
Tech HindiLink
Technical Group RangamatiLink

Online Earning WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Earn MoneyLink
Learn and Earn $Link
Earn OnlineLink
Make Money OnlineLink
Earning ZoneLink
Earning to LiveLink
Unlimited EarningLink
Earning Source for StudentsLink
Easy MoneyLink
Earn with No InvestmentLink
Only Earning PurposeLink
Earn MoneyLink
Earn with CryptoLink
Worldwide EarningLink
Fast EarningLink
Drop ShippingLink
Income for YouLink
Real Fast MoneyLink
Make MoneyLink
Earn FastlyLink
Earn from PUBGLink
Instant EarningLink

UK Girls WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
UK DealsLink
UK worldLink
Study in UKLink
Business in UKLink
UK English SpokenLink
UK UniversitiesLink
UK Chatting GroupsLink
UK GirlsLink
UK GroupLink

Pakistani Girls New WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Girls Fun MastiLink
Job Seeker PlatformLink
Data ScienceLink
Chat & Dating UKLink
Music LoversLink
USA Status worldLink
Yaara da groupLink
Kerela GirlsLink
Friends of FunLink
All India NewsLink
Amazing WorldLink
United Kingdom GirlsLink
Five Birds News UpdatesLink
Memes WorldLink

College Girls WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Only GIRL DanceLink
Punjabi tadkaLink
Ladies and girls wearLink
Hub of girlLink
girls groupLink
Friend love groupLink
Skills for GirlsLink
HR collectionLink
Full Entertainment GroupsLink
Only girls groupLink
Bollywood QueensLink

TikTok WhatsApp Group

Group NamesLinks
Tiktoks ClubLink
TikTok StartsLink
TikTok ViralsLink
Support to Support TikTokLink
TikTok StarsLink
TikTok MastersLink
TikTok VideosLink
Funny TikTokLink
Indian TikToksLink
Share TikToksLink
Pro TikTok TipsLink
Fun with TikTokLink
TikTok LoversLink
Tricks for TikToksLink
TikTok TeamsLink
Support TikTokersLink
Indian TikTok StarsLink
Promote TikToksLink
Earn from TikTokLink
TikTok Beginners SupportLink

Rules to Join WhatsApp Group

  1. Strict prohibition on religious posts.
  2. Cultivate a culture of unwavering respect for everyone.
  3. Zero tolerance for promotion or advertising within these groups.
  4. Prohibit any form of abuse or conflict.
  5. Explicit avoidance of political discussions.
  6. Uphold respect for all fellow group members.
  7. Strictly refrain from sharing fake images or videos.
  8. Maintain consistent activity within the group.
  9. Avoid initiating voice calls.
  10. Encourage gentlemanly behavior.
  11. Promote positivity – be happy and spread happiness.
  12. Explicitly disallow the sharing of adult content.
  13. Rule out political jokes and religious messages.
  14. Open invitation to join the group at any time.
  15. Reach out to the Admin for assistance.
  16. Zero tolerance for abusing fellow group members.
  17. Strict prohibition against engaging in fights.
  18. Any form of spam links is strictly prohibited.

Why Join WhatsApp Group

Participating in WhatsApp group links presents various advantages contingent upon the group’s nature and intent. Here are compelling reasons individuals opt to join WhatsApp groups:

  • Information Sharing: Groups serve as hubs for sharing updates, news, and information on specific topics, keeping members abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields.
  • Networking: Groups offer opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals, professionals, or enthusiasts who share common interests, hobbies, or professions.
  • Collaboration: WhatsApp groups facilitate collaboration, enabling members to discuss ideas, work on projects together, and share resources within the group.
  • Community Building: Groups aid in forming communities of individuals with similar passions or goals, fostering discussions, interactions, and the exchange of experiences.
  • Event Coordination: Groups streamline event planning, with members discussing details, sharing updates, and ensuring effective communication among participants.
  • Education and Learning: Educational groups allow members to share knowledge, resources, and learning materials, proving valuable in academic or professional settings.
  • Support Networks: Groups function as support networks, providing a platform for members to seek advice, share experiences, and offer emotional support.
  • Promotion and Marketing: Businesses create groups to directly communicate with potential customers, promoting products or services effectively.
  • Interest-based Discussions: Individuals join groups to engage in discussions related to their hobbies, interests, or specific topics they are passionate about, connecting with like-minded enthusiasts.
  • Community Engagement: Groups serve to engage members in community-related activities, discussions, and initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging.

When joining a WhatsApp group, it’s crucial to grasp the group’s purpose and guidelines to ensure a positive and meaningful experience for all participants.

Benefits of Joining WhatsApp Group

Joining WhatsApp groups presents numerous compelling reasons, offering an excellent way to stay connected with friends and family while enjoying occasional discounts. The advantages of being part of WhatsApp groups are manifold.

For business owners seeking an efficient promotional tool, WhatsApp group links prove invaluable. As one of the most widely used messaging platforms globally, WhatsApp provides an ideal space for business promotion. In the following discussion, we will explore the benefits associated with joining WhatsApp group links.

Recent updates have enhanced the functionality of WhatsApp group links, introducing convenient features. Admins can effortlessly generate links to facilitate group join requests directly from the admin area. These links operate similarly to conventional ones, enabling seamless communication through messages and direct photo sharing within the group. Notably, as of May 5, 2022, WhatsApp has expanded the maximum number of group members from 256 to an increased capacity of 512 members.

Many individuals are leveraging WhatsApp groups as a promotional platform for their businesses. This approach provides a prime business opportunity, encompassing both new and existing clients. Through these groups, businesses can engage with clients, fostering valuable relationships. An added advantage is the absence of age restrictions or membership fees, making it an accessible and cost-effective strategy for business promotion.

Importance of WhatsApp Group in Daily Life

Here are some key reasons why WhatsApp groups are integral to daily life:

  • Instant Communication: WhatsApp groups facilitate real-time communication, allowing members to exchange messages, updates, and information instantly. This is particularly valuable for quick and efficient communication within families, friend circles, or professional networks.
  • Family Coordination: Families often utilize WhatsApp groups to coordinate plans, share important updates, and stay connected, especially when members are geographically dispersed. It’s a convenient way to keep everyone informed about family events, gatherings, and news.
  • Friendship and Socializing: Friends create WhatsApp groups to stay connected, share memes, plan outings, and engage in casual conversations. It serves as a virtual space to maintain friendships and share experiences.
  • Professional Collaboration: In the workplace, WhatsApp groups facilitate team communication, project coordination, and the sharing of important updates. It allows for quick decision-making and collaboration among team members, irrespective of their physical locations.
  • Educational Support: Students and educators leverage WhatsApp groups for educational purposes, such as class discussions, sharing study materials, and facilitating group projects. It provides an additional channel for learning and collaboration outside the classroom.
  • Health and Wellness Support: WhatsApp groups can be created for health-related purposes, such as support groups for individuals with similar health conditions, fitness accountability groups, or groups focused on sharing healthy recipes and lifestyle tips.
  • Community Engagement: Local communities often use WhatsApp groups to disseminate important information, organize events, and address community concerns. It fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens community ties.
  • Event Planning: WhatsApp groups provide a platform for seamless event coordination, whether planning a birthday party, a community event, or a business meeting. Members can discuss details, share updates, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Interest-Based Groups: Individuals with common interests, hobbies, or passions form groups to connect with like-minded people. This can include book clubs, sports enthusiasts, gaming communities, and more.
  • Business and Networking: Professionals use WhatsApp groups for business-related discussions, networking, and collaboration. It’s a convenient way to share industry updates, seek advice, and foster professional relationships.

WhatsApp groups have evolved into an integral part of daily life, offering a versatile and accessible platform for communication, collaboration, and community-building across various aspects of personal and professional life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a WhatsApp group?

To create a group, open WhatsApp, go to the Chats tab, tap on the three dots, and select “New group.” Add participants, choose a group icon and name, and create the group.

Can I join a WhatsApp group without an invitation?

Typically, you need an invitation link or an invitation from a group member to join a private WhatsApp group. Public groups may allow direct join without an invitation.

How do I leave a WhatsApp group?

Open the group chat, tap on the group name, scroll down, and select “Exit Group.” Confirm your decision to leave the group.

Can group admins see my personal information on WhatsApp?

No, group admins cannot access your personal information like private chats, calls, or profile details. They have control over group settings and membership.

How do I mute notifications for a WhatsApp group?

Open the group chat, tap on the group name, go to “Custom Notifications,” and select “Disable.” This will mute notifications for that specific group.

Can I remove someone from a WhatsApp group?

Only group admins have the authority to remove participants. Long-press on the participant’s name, select “Remove,” and confirm the action.

Is it possible to change the group icon and name?

Yes, group admins can change the group icon and name. Go to the group, tap on the group name, and select “Edit group info.”

How do I share a group invitation link?

Group admins can generate an invitation link by going to the group, tapping on the group name, selecting “Invite to Group via Link,” and sharing the link.

What happens if I delete a WhatsApp group?

Deleting a WhatsApp group removes it from your chats, but it doesn’t affect the group for other members. Group admins can delete a group entirely.

Can I prevent others from adding me to WhatsApp groups without permission?

Yes, you can enable privacy settings to control who can add you to groups. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, and select your preferred option.

How do I report inappropriate content in a WhatsApp group?

In the group chat, tap on the group name, scroll down, and select “Report.” Choose the type of issue and follow the instructions to report it to WhatsApp.


WhatsApp groups have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering a versatile and accessible platform for communication, collaboration, and community-building. These groups serve various purposes, from instant communication within families and friend circles to professional collaboration in the workplace.

The benefits extend to educational support, health and wellness communities, and interest-based discussions. With features like real-time messaging, event coordination, and networking opportunities, WhatsApp groups provide a convenient space for individuals and businesses alike.

As technology evolves, the role of WhatsApp groups in connecting people, sharing information, and fostering relationships continues to grow, contributing to the fabric of our interconnected digital society.